5 tips to stay sane during this pandemic

5 tips to stay sane during this pandemic

Admist the looming pandemic and countries going all together in lockdowns we all need a respite from all the stress and humdrum .
Stay sane stay safe.
Make some space and time  for movement.
Exercise to remain not only healthy but also happy.Adopt a regime that helps you shed those kilos and be a fitter you.Do some mindful walking admist nature.Ditch those sugars and bring in lots of veggies and water.

Connect with like minded people and talk about dreams and plans.Stay around people who bring that positive spark back in you as depression is the easiest trap to find yourself into.

3.Eat Healthy
Much has been said about diets all over however try and maintain a healthy eating pattern . Do not skip meals and ditch the junk stuff.Cook at home.Go organic .Try new recipes and share the good stuff.Help your body love you

It’s the coolest thing ever that you can try.Put on some music and light up some candles and keep 15mins each day for this amazing brain me time.Meditate to feel better and saner.

5.The early morning sun
It’s difficult to explain but early morning rising has miraculous benefits on every individual.Try it to experience the goodness of it .Adopt a night time ritual and wake up to the sound and light of first morning ray.

A healthy body and mind is what we have ignored for long.Pick any of these to begin with and experience the fullness of life and living.